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Join The Cortex Coins Airdrop Cortex Coins空投糖果等你来领!

Enter your ETH wallet address to qualify our Cortex Coins Airdrop. 输入你的ETH地址。

Caution: DO NOT provide the ETH Address provided by any Crypto exchanges! 注意:不要使用任何交易平台钱包!

Use imToken or Jaxx wallet etc. which you HAVE CONTROL of your wallet's private key. 请使用你掌握私钥的ERC20钱包地址,如:imToken或Jaxx。

Each time you share the link to your friends, you get 5 Cortex Coins! 复制下面的链接,每有一个小伙伴通过你的链接领取Airdrop,你都会获得5个Cortex Coin!

Airdrop will be sent to your registered ETH address within two weeks after the project ICO finished.
Price NOW (09.02.18) 1 Cortex Coin = $ 0.8
按照当前海外私募价格,Cortex Coin价值约为5 RMB左右。

Please send the refer code to the Telegram Group. 把邀请码发送至官方telegram群组,才能有效激活哦!

Welcome to Joining the Cortex Labs Community! 海外私募阶段,Telegram群组内有福利,项目更新,技术沙龙,欢迎加入!